What is an Audioprosthologist

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Marc Colman

An audioprosthologist is a highly trained professional that holds a certificate of completion by the International Hearing Society. The International Hearing Society is an international society of hearing healthcare professionals who adhere to a strict code of ethical standards. Audioprosthologist's in Florida also hold a State license from the Department of Health as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.  An audioprosthologist is able to assess hearing loss, provide hearing rehabilitation treatments, cerumen management (clean the external ear canal of wax buildup) and refer medical conditions to a physician.

Audioprosthologist's conduct a wide variety of hearing assessments to determine the nature of an individual’s hearing disorder. They are responsible for the non-medical management and rehabilitation of hearing loss. As a result, they are able to present a variety of treatment options, which include evaluating, prescribing, fitting hearing instruments along with other devices and counseling. They conduct follow up consultations after hearing instruments have been fitted to ensure patients have adjusted to their new hearing abilities and receive the clearest amplification possible.

With the use of an amplification device and customized instruction, most people with hearing impairment may experience enhanced communication abilities. An audioprosthologist provides individualized consultation services, helping people function more effectively with family and friends in social, leisure, educational and work environments. Audioprosthologist's are committed to improving and helping people of all ages hear well.

In the community, audioprosthologist are concerned with the effects of prolonged noise exposure. They may assist in the development and management of noise control and hearing conservation programs, working to protect those exposed to noise in occupational, industrial, recreational and leisure situations.