A number of our patients have written to us expressing their thoughts about our services… below are a few of their comments.

Mr. Colman and Mrs. Colman has given me great service and technical help.
They are the best that I have encountered in the hearing aid field.

Paul W.

I have found Mr. Colman and Mrs. Colman to be most accommodating whenever I call them.
They are always ready and willing to help in any way possible.
Cecile has been patient, kind and always there when I needed her.

Claire D.

My hearing aids from Mr. Colman and Mrs. Colman have been wonderful.
They have allowed me to hear so much that I would be missing and are a true blessing.
The Colmans have treated me with great respect and concern, and have taken care of any problems that I have had.
I recommend them to anyone that has any type of hearing loss.
Ann H.

I am completely happy with Cecile Colman's service.
Her service is wonderful & I'm completely happy with both aids & service & would recommend Mrs. Colman to anybody who needs help with their hearing.

Howard E.

I never realized I was missing as much, now I can be included in all the group conversations after years of just being an outsider.
There are so many beautiful sounds to be heard.
I'm feeling more comfortable now, I feel like a new person.

Helen H.

I've had a most surprisingly successful experience dealing with Cecile.
She fit me & continues to service my hearing aids.
My previous experience with other Hearing Aid Companies has made me appreciate Cecile's excellent ability to service my hearing loss.

Jerry L.

I am a police officer with the City of Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept. and I assist my 87 soon to be 88 year old female neighbor with general shopping and other tasks that she needs help for. I brought her hearing aid in to Marc for help with the repairing of her damaged aid. Most of the internal parts and wires were damaged and Marc took extra care and time to repair the device rather than try and sell a new one like a lot of sales people. Marc never even mentioned “buying” a new device, he said, “Let me look this over and I’ll take it to Dorothy when I’m done.” The office is only about 5 blocks away but Marc thought nothing of delivering the hearing aid when he repaired it the next day. I have had to go to Marc’s office numerous times and Marc has always made a point to come out and say hello, check if all is well, and in general is always pleasant.
Officer Gregory R.

It has been over five weeks since I received my hearing aids from you. It has been great to be able to hear and understand more clearly now. I wanted to write you Mr. Colman and thank you for your efficient examination to make sure I would get the best possible aids for my hearing loss. I knew your evaluation would be accurate. I always thought if people would just open their mouths and enunciate properly I would be able to hear them and understand what they were saying. I called them “mumblers”, silently of course! And I am sorry to say that I avoided talking to some very good friends among the so called “mumblers”. My hearing aids are fine, and I am enjoying hearing and understanding. I appreciated your kindness and patience in showing me how to use the aids. I am 86 years old and have arthritis in my fingers, and am awkward. You were very helpful. I think every prospective hearing aid user should have you, Marc Colman, to help them, or someone else endowed with your expert training and experience. I am going to spread the word to any or all people with a hearing loss, to come and see you.
Mildred L.

Dr. Callari of Ft. Lauderdale referred me to Mr. Marc Colman for hearing aids. In the past 2 years, I have consulted 4 ear doctors. I have never had such a satisfactory hearing test which lasted over an hour as I had with Mr. Colman. It covered different aspects of hearing such as distinctness etc. After wearing the aids for one week, I told Mr. Colman of a few difficulties I was having. He caught the problem, rectified it with the dexterity of a skilled technician. I am a volunteer at Broward General Medical Center. If I contact some oldsters who have my problem, I will be happy to recommend Mr. Colman. He has an outgoing personality and attentive to one’s problem.
Mrs. Adele M.

Marc, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new hearing aids. As you know, I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was 20 years old and I recently turned 40. Therefore, I’ve seen quite a few significant improvements in the quality and performance of hearing aids over the years. I have definitely seen an improvement in my ability to hear and comprehend sounds and words. I also want to thank you for spending so much time with me to ensure that I am receiving the maximum hearing possible for my type of hearing loss. Only because of qualified people like you and the excellent service …I am able to function in the business world, at home with my daughter and out with my friends. Thanks again for everything.
Lindy S.

Dear Mr. Colman, I want to thank you for all the help and kindness you have shown me with my hearing aids. As I have told you, I have had other hearing aids, but never any follow-up as you are doing, and for which I am very grateful. Again, many thanks.
Marian V.

Dear Marc, I want to thank you so very much for helping the young man I brought to you with the hearing aid problem. I didn’t know until a couple of days ago that he had gotten it from you and is enjoying improved hearing. Not too many people these days take the time to help those less fortunate than we are. Thanks again.
Dorothy P.

I own a hearing aid, and I have owned one the 30 years. …. No, it isn’t very pleasant to have to wear them, but the alternative is decidedly unpleasant. My condition was first diagnosed by a doctor and since then, I have been to quite a few hearing aid specialists. Most of the time I have been pleased with them, but the one I currently patronize is Marc Colman. I have never, in thirty years, been better treated by anyone in this field, in fact, so well-treated in every way that I have recommended three other people to him and they in turn are also very pleased.
Mrs. Carol A.

I originally purchased the hearing aid at the insistence of my wife, I was aware that I was having difficulty hearing but I was not convinced that I needed help. I am the Director of Training for a major Real Estate firm and as such I do a lot of public speaking. Three years ago, I was too vain to wear the aids in front of a group. I would wear them periodically at home and occasionally when we would go out, but never to work. Two years ago I attended a two week workshop where I realized I was going to have to wear the hearing aids if I wanted to get the most from the sessions. During that two week period the hearing aids became indispensable to me, although I was still reluctant to wear them. Shortly after I returned from the workshop, I had an occasion to stop by Marc Colman’s office where I saw an ad that read “Think of it as a contact for your ear”. That ad made all the difference. It literally tore down my defenses. I realized how silly my vanity was. It is truly unfortunate that our society views and associates the wearing of a hearing device as being old and decrepit. I am only forty-five years old. I lost my hearing because of a stupid mistake on my part. Over a period of months I was working with noisy power tools in a very confined area. I did not realize until years later that I had destroyed my hearing. What bothers me most is that there are so many young people today who are essentially doing the same thing to their ears. Unfortunately unless our mores change drastically, these individuals will not seek the help they will need. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Marc Colman, the Specialist that fitted my hearing aids. Mr. Colman is a very thorough person, very courteous and reliable. I am very satisfied with the services he has provided me. His consistent help over the years has also made me realize the importance of quality hearing.
Phil C.