Hearing Conservation

Noise May Be Hazardous To Your (Hearing) Health!

Excessive noise levels can permanently damage the tiny sensory cells deep inside your ear. Noise-induced hearing loss cannot be cured or recovered, and it is entirely preventable!
Potentially damaging noise levels are when environmental sound is at a volume level where normal conversational speech is masked or overwhelmed. If you are standing at arm’s length from someone and must raise your voice significantly in order to be heard, the environmental noise levels are probably too high. At the end of the day, if your ears ring or sounds seem muffled; your hearing may be affected. Noise in excess of 85 decibels over an 8 hour period can damage hearing with repeated exposure.
While it may not be possible to reduce environmental noise levels, you can protect your hearing using appropriate protection. Colman's Hearing Solutions offers a variety of hearing-protection solutions that can be custom fitted to ensure long-term wearing comfort.


Communicate Ear™

Designed for people who require two-way radio or cell communication and hearing protection simultaneously.


dB Blockers™ Convertible Vented

Offers protection while still allowing the wearer to hear normal conversational speech when the vent is open and more protection when the vent is blocked.




dB Blockers™ Non Vented

Offers the most protection where communication is not required. Cord is attached with a metal anchor.


dB Blockers™ Vented

Offers protection while still allowing constant normal vocal-level communication between people.




Traffic, noisy neighbors, snoring and other nighttime noises can all rob you of much-needed sleep. ‘Sleepers’ are a smaller, hollowed-out form of night-time ear plug, designed to remain comfortable no matter what the head position on the pillow may be.



Musician Plugs come in four different filter choices to reduce the volume of loud music to a safer level. They will not distort the tonality of the music; simply reduce the volume ‘equally’ across all tones. The filter choice that works best for you will depend on the loudness level of the music you listen to or play, and how often you are exposed to it.  The type of instrument or your position in a band will also influence the choice.  Enjoy all the music – safely.





Swim Plugs

Designed to fit more securely than regular ear plugs, helping to prevent water from entering the ear canal.


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