Solutions To Hearing Loss

There are things that can be done to relieve hearing problems. And the sooner they are attended to, the easier it is to help resolve them. Don't wait until your hearing loss is well established before seeking help.

Damaged hearing cells cannot yet be replaced in humans but modern hearing instruments can improve high frequency hearing as well as most types of hearing losses, making conversation easier even in noisy situations.

Hearing instruments are also effective in reducing intolerance to loud sounds (recruitment), as they limit the volume of the sound delivered to the ears by compression mechanisms. They are also very helpful in reducing and sometimes even eliminating tinnitus perception.

Hearing instruments these days provide much improved sound quality making conversations easier to follow even in background noise. They must however be properly fitted by experts and based on accurate hearing evaluation results.

Other: If it is a medical condition that is not corrected through the use of hearing instruments, your hearing care practitioner will refer you to an otolaryngologist for treatment.