Hearing Aid Repairs
Marc Colman is committed to offering a complete hearing caring service to his patients. Most audiologists send hearing instruments to the manufacturer for even minor repairs. At Colman's Hearing Solutions, Marc has developed a comprehensive on-site repair and manufacturing labatory. Repairs range from simple wax extraction to replacement of defective components. If your instrument can be repaired in the office, you will avoid the inconvenience of a seven to twenty-one day wait for a lab repair.

A hands-on kind of guy
As a child, Marc was always taking apart and reassembling things. This led to construction of scale models, electronics kits, woodworking, building scuba diving equipment and home improvements. Today, his projects have become miniaturized. The same skills developed through a lifetime of assembling things are applied when he modifies and repairs hearing instruments. Using fine soldering and wiring techniques, his service is guaranteed to meet the manufacturer's specifications for each make and model of hearing instruments.