Quality Batteries Make A Huge Difference

Imagine this scenario: Mr. Watson arrives at my office with the complaint that there is something wrong with his new hearing instruments. He claims that he is not hearing as well with those high-end digital instruments he purchased six months ago. I ask to examine them and notice that they have been well maintained. When I listen to the hearing instruments, both appear to have lost some of their fidelity. Yet, the microphones and loudspeaker systems are unobstructed and clean.

After opening the battery compartments, I find that each instrument is fitted with a discount-priced battery that Mr. Watson obtained from a big-box warehouse store. The battery tester shows that both batteries have the proper voltage of 1.4 volts. What could be the problem? Are these defective hearing instruments? Did Mr. Watson waste his money?

I calmly open a new package of Rayovac Ultra Proline batteries and place one into each of the instruments. After Mr. Watson inserts the devices into his ears, I ask him, “How do they sound now?” His response: “They sound wonderful! What’s going on?” I reply: “The explanation is really quite elementary, my dear Watson.”

It is important to realize that amperage (current level), not voltage (the force that pushes the current), is what determines how well the computers in your hearing aids function. While the voltage of all the batteries is the same, the Rayovac Ultra Proline cells have higher amperage ratings than any of the other manufacturer’s batteries. Experiencing the difference in the performance of your hearing instruments will make you a believer.

The moral of this tale is that you should use the best power source available to you to maximize the benefit you receive from your hearing instruments. The little extra you spend will yield a big return. If you can’t come into the office for batteries, simply call us, and we’ll promptly mail some to you. Mr. Watson left my office with a new outlook on batteries and a package of Rayovac Ultra Proline cells tucked into his pocket. Another mystery solved.