With today's hearing instruments, microchips, computerization, digital signal processing is used. These technological advancements allow us to program your hearing instruments for different listening situations depending on your individual hearing loss profile, speech understanding and range of tolerance for louder sounds.

More advanced hearing instruments can automatically adapt to a multitude of environmental listening situations. Some individuals prefer to do this function manually. Hearing instruments can often store several programs. This would be similar to a pair of bifocals or trifocals in your glasses. As your listening environment changes, you can change the hearing instruments settings by pushing a button on the hearing instruments or by using a remote control to switch channels.

Today, most all hearing instruments can be reprogrammed to compensate for future hearing loss to some degree. There are of course limitations to the amount of adjustments that are available within the given instrument. We do offer reprogramming services to any individual who has a hearing instrument regardless whether we have originally fit the hearing instruments or not. We do have an established reprogramming fee schedule of $300 for one instrument and $200 for the second instrument. This includes a full audiological assessment along with 2 follow up reprogramming sessions for fine tuning if necessary.