Products and Services

We have the technology to correctly identify your hearing problem. If you need a hearing device to hear better, we will provide close follow-up and post fitting care, and a guarantee of our work.

Technology to correctly identify your problem
The first step on the road to better hearing begins by having your hearing problem thoroughly evaluated. Most offices utilize only an audiometer to measure your hearing. At Colman's Hearing Solutions you'll find state of the art diagnostic computers to evaluate hearing loss.

At Colman's Hearing Solutions you will find:

  • Pure tone air, bone and speech audiometers--for measuring not only how well you hear sounds, but also to measure how well you understand speech. After all, that’s why you're here.
  • Acoustic Impedance audiometers--for determining the pressure behind the eardrum and evaluating the response of the auditory nerve.
  • Fiber optic video otoscope--for clear and precise viewing of the eardrum.
  • Hearing aid vacuum system--for removal of sound blocking buildup in your hearing aid speaker and microphone.
  • Hearing aid analyzers--for verifying levels of distortion, battery drain, and hearing aid response as compared to specification when the hearing aid was new
  • Real Ear analyzers--for measuring the response of the hearing aid in your ear while you are wearing it. This is so you will know that the hearing aid is giving you the right kind of help.

Regardless of the type of hearing problem, you will be able to choose from a variety of solutions. If your problem requires medical or surgical treatment, we will work with your physician to see that the problem is treated correctly and that hearing aids are fit only when necessary.

Close follow-up and post fitting care
We've devoted our lives to helping you to hear well. This means that if hearing aids are the most appropriate solution for you, that’s not the only thing that you'll get from us. We will provide the expertise that you need to be successful:

  • Four week adjustment program included with every instrument, and there are unlimited visits.
  • After initial adjustment period, you'll return for quarterly check ups, cleaning and service of the instruments, volume control, battery contacts, and receiver tubing.
  • Inspection of the ear canal.
  • Cleaning and evaluation of ear molds for behind the ear aids.
  • Replacement of ear mold tubing for behind the ear aids.
  • Annual retesting of your hearing every year.
  • Annual reprogramming of your hearing instrument to help maintain the maximum benefit from your hearing instruments.

And of course, these extra services will be provided to you at no additional charge.

Better hearing, in fact we guarantee it!
The hearing instruments are only part of the solution, and your follow-up program will be designed to provide you with the care and instruction to use your hearing aids successfully. The type of success that brings families back together again. In fact, we believe that we can make all the difference. If you go through your program and don't feel that the hearing instruments are giving you the help you need, simply return them for a refund.


Technology to help identify and treat your communication problems
If you have a permanent hearing loss that needs correction, the best possible solution for your problem will be chosen from a variety of manufactures. We have a variety of manufacturers like Sonic Innovations, Omni, Siemens, Phonak, ReSound, and Starkey in order to select the best hearing aid to address each patient's hearing needs.

If you've put off wearing a hearing aid because you were afraid to be seen wearing a hearing aid, you can now choose complete-in the-canal aids that provide the ultimate in discretion. Unlike conventional aids, these deep insertion aids fit deep inside your ear canal. They go in far enough to be out of sight, but they are close enough to provide the comfort and hearing benefits that larger aids may not be able to match.

You will also be able to choose computer programmable aids, such as the ReSound Programmable Hearing System, using advanced technology from AT&T Bell Laboratories and 3M. These aids separate speech into two separate bands to automatically adjust the hearing aids response based on sound around you. We also have the very latest technology, digital hearing aids. We're featuring the Destiny product line from Starkey Labs, the only hearing instruments clinically proven to enhance speech in the presence of background noise. Starkey Labs has made amazing breakthroughs in miniaturization and manufacturing to bring better-than-CD sound processing and advanced computerized features to even the tiniest hearing aids.

You'll find all the brands that will fit your needs and your budget.

Complete solutions for difficult listening situations
We carry a complete line of assistive hearing devices. These devices are designed to supplement your hearing instruments in areas where you need a little extra help. For instance, the Audio link Personal Listening System is a wireless amplifier which delivers crystal clear enhanced sound while watching TV at home or enjoying public performances. We have assistive hearing devices for churches, theaters, telephones, and other difficult listening areas.