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Phonak has developed a completely new first-class hearing instrument line based on a brandnew chip technology. Savia is the first hearing computer to implement the unique capabilities of biological systems using state of the art digital technology – we call it Digital Bionics. This breakthrough product family represents the biggest hearing instrument revolution since the introduction of digital technology.

Savia is packed with an impressive list of revolutionary bionic solutions like SoundNavigation, Real Ear Sound and digital SurroundZoom, all inspired by Nature’s wisdom. Savia state-of-the-art digital technology allows natural, effortless hearing.

Savia faces the challenges of modern communication

Thanks to Digital Bionics, Savia is capable of meeting the challenges that remained untouched by present digital technology. Savia fulfils the ultimate promise of digital technology:
  • Effortless hearing in an infinite number of environments
  • Understanding in the presence of multiple noise sources
  • Natural localization abilities
  • Comfortable communication in echo-filled environments
  • Feedback-free unoccluded fittings
  • Intuitive and effortless fitting of sophisticated features

      Standard features of the Savia are:

  • SoundNavigation
    Automatic performance that fades smoothly between 4 base programs for optimal performance in all environments.

  • Real Ear Sound
    Restores front-to-back localization and natural sound perception with 20 channel resolution.

  • EasyFM
    Savia recognizes the presence of an FM signal and activates the FM program automatically.

  • Digital SurroundZoom
    The multi-microphone technology splits the incoming signals into 20 channels and suppresses the strongest noise source in each channel.

  • DataLoggingplus
    Provides access to your client's real life use of amplification and proposes optimal volume corrections per base program.

  • EchoBlock
    Reinstates effortless hearing by removing the reverberant components of the signal and restoring important speech cues.

  • Dual Wind Noise Management
    The Wind & Weather Microphone Protector significantly reduces turbulences caused at the inlet and the electronic Wind Noise Suppressor suppresses the remaining noise.

  • Smallest FM receiver
    The ML9S is not only completely design-integrated but also the world's smallest FM receiver.

  • Smallest, most powerful chipset
    The heart of Savia is the world's smallest, most powerful digital signal processor manufactured in state-of-the-art submicron technology, with more than 6,000,000 transistors packed into a chip the size of 2.7 x 3.7 mm.

  • Three field-replaceable volume control options
    Savia offers three field-replaceable, easily exchanged volume control options to suit all client needs: ergonomics, minimal visibility or no VC at all.


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The Valeo product line with SoundSelect enables hearing solutions that directly address individual wearer sound preferences, hearing losses and needs. The unprecedented flexibility of SoundSelect partners with easy fitting to create user-friendly and comprehensive communication solutions.  With a rich range of proven features, the Valeo product line enjoys superb wearer acceptance. Ranging from a tiny CIC to compact power BTEs, it offers a harmonious combination of high-performance, value and cosmetic appeal. miniValeo, the latest addition to the Valeo product line, completes this picture by offering all the proven advantages in a truly miniature BTE format. MiniValeo, with a size 10 battery, has all the wonderful benefits and flexibility of the Valeo product line. It enables hearing care professionals to offer the best sound solution in an extremely attractive design.

      Standard features of the Valeo are:

3 Signal Processing Strategies

  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range Compression (dWDRC) for natural sound quality and comfort.

  • Digital Super Compression (dSC) for optimized speech clarity in noise.

  • Digital Limiting (dLimiting) for preserved loudness.

3 Performance Enhancers

  • Digital Feedback Canceler ensures no feedback occurs.

  • High performance in noise with AudioZoom and digital Noise Canceler.

  • A choice of up to three programs.

3 Fitting Levels

  • Easy managers level including SoundSelect Manager.

  • Standard level for automatic, wearer focused fine-tuning.

  • Detailed level with manual fine-tuning and various slider configurations.


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Perseo heralds an exciting new era of personalized hearing with PersonalLogic. 

The new digital system from Phonak is the first hearing system with customized automatic operation, as opposed to operation based on factory set, unchangeable rules. Now, Perseo gives hearing professionals control over automatic operation, allowing them to provide clients with a hearing system ”custom-tailored” to their personal hearing requirements and tastes.  Perseo responds intelligently to the situation-specific hearing preferences of all wearers enabling them to appreciate sound their way.

Perseo Open - meeting the challenge

Hearing care professionals have long recognized that fitting clients with a steeply sloping or mild hearing loss is a real challenge. These candidates for open fittings are often the toughest sound quality critics as they have little or no amplification experience and tend to have the most recent auditory memory of “good hearing”. Additionally, they require the highest level of hearing instrument performance in noisy environments, to match their communication needs.

Now, Phonak offers a solution to meet the challenge.

Perseo Open with OpenSound technology and the BTE Fit’nGo Kit addresses occlusion issues and delivers the optimal Perseo sound quality, excellent performance and wearing comfort.

Phonak OpenSound technology has been designed to create the perfect balance between the right fitting formula, the right pre-calculation and the right feedback management. This results in true open fittings, ultimate clarity and no feedback.

The Phonak BTE Fit’nGo Kit is the key to your client’s instant enjoyment of the benefits of Perseo Open. Featuring open tubing, wax protection and retention, the Fit’nGo Kit can be individualized for each client. It allows for immediate demonstrations and fittings and can be used as an alternative to an open earmould.

For clients that need an open fitting and attach importance to discretion, the Perseo 12 Open has large venting without losing its cosmetic appeal.

      Standard features of the Perseo are:

  • PersonalLogic with dual-base automatic
    PersonalLogic is a new control system that continuously updates signal processing parameters in response to acoustic information, listening situation classification, the wearers’ hearing status and listening preferences. Two independently programmable base-programs are used as the basis for signal processing. PersonalLogic selects the appropriate base-program and continually adapts its signal processing parameters to suit individual wearer needs.

  • Digital Perception Processing2(DPP2)
    Speech clarity depends on both its acoustic properties and the listener’s auditory perception. Conventional spectral enhancement systems consider only the acoustics of sound, not how it will be perceived by the listener. Perseo goes well beyond this with DPP2, the new generation of Digital Perception Processing. DPP2 with Clarity Component Enhancement is individualized for each wearer. It analyzes the acoustic and the psychoacoustic characteristics of incoming sound in 20 critical bands to identify accurately the components that contribute to clarity. It then selectively amplifies them to optimize clarity for the wearer.

  • Fine-scale Noise Canceler (FNC) in 20 channels
    Finely scaled frequency resolution in 20 channels gives the Fine-scale Noise Canceler (FNC) the most precise background noise reduction capability. Noise reduction depends on the relative amounts of speech and noise in each channel and the importance of each channel for speech understanding. The FNC in Perseo ensures maximum comfort and ease of listening. Annoying background sounds are reduced for comfort while the important sounds of speech are preserved for stress-free listening.

  • Fast tracking Adaptive digital AudioZoom (dAZ)
    Phonak pioneered the development of directional microphone systems. Not surprisingly, Perseo dAZ with new soft switching brings even better performance. Perseo dAZ is automatically activated in appropriate situations and immediately reduces noise from beside and behind the wearer. Rapid tracking ensures that even fast moving noise sources are controlled.

  • Listening Situation Manager
    The Listening Situation Manager allows the fitter to program PersonalLogic according to the wearer’s preference for when to trigger a change of base programs, and the desired degree of sound contrast between the base-programs.

  • Perseo Open
    Perseo is now available with open fittings. Two Perseo Models (ITE: Perseo 12 Open, BTE: Perseo 111 dAZ Open) offer people with steeply sloping or mild hearing losses occlusion free listening with ultimate sound quality. The Perseo Open BTE-Model is available with the new Phonak BTE Fit’n’Go Kit – an open fitting tubing and retention kit used instead of an earmold – the key to your client’s instant enjoyment of the benefits of Perseo Open.


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    Image Aero


Aero offers the following advantages:

The digital basis
The digital MultiMode Signal Processing ensures clean, comfortable sound quality in everyday environments.
The three dMSP strategies – dWDRC, dSC und dLimiting – are applied with the high resolution of 15 channels, making the most of Aero multiple programs.

Solutions for hearing in noise
Listening comfort in noise is achieved with the 15 channel digital Noise Canceler. Speech understanding in noise is further improved through the miniZoom directional technology in the Aero 23 mZ ITC and the AZ technology in the BTEs.

Unique package of convenience features
Smooth and effective integration of hearing instruments into daily life is easy thanks to the range of practical convenience features. Hearingcare professionals can individualize their functionality for every wearer – from the program selection to the function of the manual volume control. Aero is compatible with digital cell phones.


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