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Syncro intuitively and automatically adapts to changing listening conditions, always ensuring that voices come through clearly. Just like radar, Syncro constantly scans the environment for voices – and noise.

It then analyzes the sound environment in order to provide the right response. Unlike conventional digital instruments, Syncro bases its decisions on meticulous real-time comparisons of the outcome of different processing techniques.

It always chooses the strategy guaranteed to provide the clearest reproduction of speech - regardless of the complexity of the listening environment. This intelligent system is called Voice Priority Processing.

Speech in the spotlight

Directional microphones make a major difference in noisy situations. They help to detect noise and suppress it, so that speech becomes more distinct.

But where conventional directional systems remove only one source of noise at a time, Syncro can eliminate up to four, making it the most effective directional system available today.

Comfortable listening, all day long

By combining our award-winning speech detection system with unique noise reduction technology, Syncro provides a perfect balance between comfortable listening in noisy situations and full clarity whenever speech is present.

Syncro uses highly advanced sound detectors to evaluate each situation. If only noise is present, it will reduce it. If there is a combination of speech and noise, then Syncro will enhance the speech. All to help you communicate comfortably wherever you go.

Natural sounds that meet your needs

Whether you lead an active or a quieter lifestyle, Syncro can be tailor made to support your personal listening preferences and any particular communication requirements.

Syncro's extremely powerful, yet tiny, sound processor calculates the optimal combination of thousands of settings to provide the best amplification scheme in any situation.


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With its sleek lines and innovative design, Delta doesn't look like a traditional hearing aid – or perform like one. Engineered to improve your hearing in ways you can only imagine, Delta has already won the hearts of people all over the world.

Delta can help you in all of the situations you find important - so you can get on with living your life. And it's so discreet and comfortable that you won't even notice that you're wearing it.

Unmatched performance

With Delta, you will be totally free to enjoy your new world of understanding without having to think about it. Delta's Artificial Intelligence-enabled system works automatically to deliver the best combination of sound quality, speech understanding and comfort in all situations.

In recent trials, consumers indicated a significant preference for Delta in terms of ease of listening and clarity of speech. Try Delta for yourself and find out how easy it is for you to perform at your best.

High frequency hearing loss

High frequency hearing loss is experienced by one in two people over the age of 50. It happens when the delicate nerves (hair cells) in the inner ear break down and lose their ability to convert sound vibrations into the electrical signals needed by the auditory nerve. The auditory nerve itself can also become damaged, preventing sound signals from reaching the brain.

This type of hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process, but it can also be caused by over exposure to loud noise or loud music. People with high frequency loss have difficulty hearing softer, high-pitched sounds (like ‘s’, ‘t’ and ‘f’), but no difficulty hearing the deeper vowel sounds. In quiet listening situations they can follow a conversation, but when it gets noisy, they need amplification in order to hear clearly.

Broadband hearing loss

People with broadband hearing losses can have just as much difficulty hearing low tones as they do the high tones. This makes following a conversation very hard because they can’t hear the vowels and consonants that help us to distinguish between one word and another. They need more clarity AND more volume in order to hear better.


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It's good to hear!

Oticon's new Tego instrument offers amazing performance and ease of use, which makes it perfect for people who are considering improving their hearing.

No matter your age, it's good to be able to hear - and Tego is built to help you do it. It offers an array of advanced sound processing features, all of which are automatically controlled by the unique DecisionMaker system.

With Tego you don't have to think about your hearing aid when it's on; all you have to do is to listen and enjoy excellent sound quality wherever you go.

The Tego concept

Have you ever felt let down by your hearing aids; perhaps because they didn't perform particularly well? And have you ever had difficulty using the various features and listening programs on an everyday basis?

If so, Oticon Tego could be the perfect solution. In Tego, all of the advanced sound processing features are automatically controlled by an intelligent program known as DecisionMaker. So all you have to do is focus on listening.

With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, DecisionMaker makes Tego one of the smartest, most effective and easy-to-use instruments available today!

Individual Features

Tego is armed with several sophisticated sound processing systems:

  • VoiceDirect - a new and unique directional microphone system that helps you focus on speech in any kind of environment you're likely to encounter keep voices sounding natural and cut out noise.

  • A multi-band Noise Management system which minimizes noise without compromising the speech signal.

  • A Dynamic Feedback Cancellation system which eliminates feedback without reducing the overall volume.

  • OpenEar™ Acoustics supports larger ventilation channels. These help to relieve the “blocked up” feeling and provide a more natural perception of sound.

Since the DecisionMaker program knows exactly how and when to apply the various sound-processing features, all you have to do is sit back and listen!

Major benefits

With Tego you can look forward to better speech understanding, more comfort, and more control over feedback and noise. You will certainly notice these improvements in performance - as will your friends and family.

Instead of investing precious energy in trying to manage an unpredictable listening environment, why not let Tego take the burden? Then you can devote yourself to more important matters: enjoying life with the people you love, chasing your dreams, and pursuing your favourite pastimes!

Styles and colours

Tego is available in all the most popular styles and colours - from Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) to Behind-The-Ear (BTE) style.

Hearing aids can make a positive statement about who you are. If you'd like to get an idea of how Tego might look on you, visit Oticon's Colour MatchMaker.


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When you think about it, sound is like the spice of life. It adds touches of flavour and colour, enhancing the mood of special moments. Now imagine a world without spice…

…that’s the everyday reality for many people with diminished hearing.

Oticon Safran is especially designed to provide a richer and fuller sound picture that brings forward all the nuances of life-like sound.

Safran is a smooth operating instrument which incorporates advanced technology and refined sound quality. Your choice would be Safran for its richness of sound and smooth easy listening.

Communicating in noise

Communicating in noise is challenging for all of us. Safran’s unique technology sharpens your ability to tune into dialogue in noisy situations so that you can actively participate in the conversation.

Safran also has an unfailing sense of direction. It can locate and reduce interfering sounds, making it easier for you to hear in difficult listening situations. So if there is distracting noise around you while you are talking, Safran will automatically reduce the noise levels so you can clearly hear what the person in front of you is saying.

Comfort in noise

Safran effectively reduces and helps combat the fatigue caused by unwanted noises.

Safran’s Noise Management System knows when 'bothersome' noise is present. It constantly scans and analyses your environment, then vigilantly reduces annoying and uncomfortable noises to let you experience life to the fullest.

The result is a clear sound quality that improves speech understanding and comfort.

Always natural sound

Oticon Safran is designed to maximize your experience of sound without compromising comfort.

The instruments feature Oticon’s highly respected open fitting technology, making sure your ears always feel healthy and naturally ventilated rather than plugged up.

Intuitive and responsive

Artificial Intelligence is employed in Oticon Safran in order to best balance the rich mixture of different sound sources and the environment for you.

This means that the instrument chooses wisely the best setting in different situations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows Safran hearing instruments to continuously evaluate and automatically select the best possible outcome from multiple processing alternatives, rather than simply attempting to predict what the instrument settings should be.


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