Maintenance Tips

Just follow these simple guidelines to protect your hearing instrument system from everyday wear and tear:

  • Thoroughly clean your hearing instruments daily with a dry cloth.
  • Never immerse your hearing instruments in water. Do not wear them while taking a bath or shower or while swimming. Do not expose them to excessive moisture of any kind.
  • Never apply hair spray while wearing hearing instruments.
  • Do not expose your hearing instruments to excessive heat, such as a stove or open fire.
  • Unless you're wearing your hearing instruments at the time, do not expose them to extreme cold (0 degrees or less F)
  • Avoid dropping your hearing instruments on hard surfaces.
  • When not in use, remove the battery and store your hearing instruments in the case provided by your hearing healthcare provider.
  • When putting your hearing instruments away, place them out of reach of pets & childrens.

How to Clean Your Hearing Instruments

  • Wipe your hearing aid or earmold and tubing every day with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Clean the receiver and vent openings with an appropriate wax removal tool, available at your Colman's Hearing Solutions. Make sure you receive proper instruction from your audioprosthologist to prevent damage to your receiver.
  • We recommend you clean your hearing aids daily with a disinfectant wipe or tissue sprayed with disinfectant, which you can purchase from Colman's Hearing Solutions.
  • We recommend cleaning your hearing instrument daily, in the morning, with a dry tooth brush. It is advisable to hold the brush securely, pointing the bristles towards the ceiling and move the part of the hearing instrument that goes into the ear first, over the bristles to allow the loosened wax to fall out of the hearing instrument.

Battery Care

  • When you remove your hearing aids, turn them off. If they don't have an on/off switch, then turn them off by opening the battery door.
  • Remove the battery at night, or whenever the hearing aid is not used for an extended period, and store the aid in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep the battery compartment clean and dry.
  • Always wipe the battery clean before inserting.
  • Discard used batteries carefully in a place where they cannot come into contact with infants, small children, pets or others who might accidentally swallow them.*

* Hearing aid batteries are dangerous if swallowed. In the event that a hearing aid battery is ingested, see a doctor immediately, or call the National Button Battery Hotline at 202-625-3333.