Maintenance on your hearing instruments and hearing evaluations
Even with the most diligent care, your hearing instruments can suffer from normal buildup of dirt, earwax, and corrosive moisture. If it's been more than four months since your last hearing system service and checkup you should make an appointment with Colman's Hearing Solutions, and we'll gladly clean and dry out your hearing instruments, regardless of make or model. At the same time, we'll perform a basic hearing instrument diagnostic analysis and double-check your batteries.

Over time, your hearing needs may change. Our commitment ensures that your hearing instruments will continue to help you hear your best. The following services are provided for our patients:

  • Scheduled follow-up appointments
  • In-depth lifestyle evaluations to ensure your instruments are fitting your lifestyle needs
  • Routine cleaning and service
  • Annual hearing evaluation
  • Annual reprogramming of your existing hearing instruments

To keep your hearing instruments working properly, we suggest you bring it in to us for a service and maintenance check at least three times per year. Ask your hearing care provider about our ongoing service program.

If you ever need repairs, including warranty work, please contact:

Colman's Hearing Solutions at 561-585-5499.