What You Should Expect From Your Hearing Health Care Professionals

1. They should listen to you
When you first visit the office it is a good sign if you get to do most of the talking. Your needs and concerns are very important to us! We will listen to what you tell us, and then work with you in prescribing a solution that will suit your needs and improve your hearing.

2. Gentle, comfortable, discrete, caring
Nowadays, your hearing assistive device can be surprisingly comfortable and discrete. With advanced technology we have numerous styles and types of hearing devices to best suit your needs, and fit your lifestyle. You would be surprised to learn how many famous people discretely wear hearing devices in public.

3. They should educate and inform you of your condition and choices
It is the right of every patient to fully understand their hearing health and to receive accurate information. This allows you to make hearing health care and lifestyle choices that best meet your personal needs. Our commitment to offering personalized service and continued professional education is paramount.

4. Reasonable and fair cost
We know how valuable your time and money are to you; that’s why our priority is “on-time” appointments, accurate estimates, and no surprises. We want to offer individual solutions tailored to fit your budget, needs and lifestyle.

5. After fitting service & support
When you first wear hearing instruments, often there is a flood of sounds that you are now hearing, which can be very overwhelming. We suggest a training schedule to help you adjust to your new hearing. In the first few months after receiving your hearing instruments we suggest that you visit our office 3 or 4 times to ensure that your hearing instruments are properly adjusted and that you are comfortable with your hearing. Additionally, we will train you on how to maintain your hearing instruments and offer complimentary service, maximizing the life and effectiveness of your instruments.

In this day and age of fast food and rushed service we’ve chosen to keep our practice a place where people know you. At Colman's Hearing Solutions, we recognize that each patient is unique, and offer personalized information and solutions to their hearing needs. If you want to visit a calm, relaxed office where people care, give us a call.