Entry & Mid-level digital hearing aids

We realize that not everyone can easily fit high-end hearing aids into their budget. For those of you who are in this category, entry-level and mid-level digital hearing aids are available at significant savings. These instruments have many of the performance features of the more expensive premium instruments and will work significantly better than the analog units that were once the standard of the industry.

Your older analog hearing aids provide reasonable volume and clarity in most quiet listening environments. Yet, you probably experience difficulty hearing and understanding when background noise is present. All of the current digital processors are capable of analyzing speech from other background noises. By coding sounds, digital hearing instruments instantly decide whether to amplify or suppress them. Hence, you get the advantage of significantly improved understanding in those difficult listening situations.

The purchase of entry-level or mid-level instruments will give you considerably better hearing while taking a smaller bite out of your checkbook. If you have limited cash reserves, we have signed on with Sound Choice Credit, a division of GE Credit. Sound Choice Credit can assist those who prefer to finance their digital hearing instruments. Several plans are available to meet your needs.

You may still be unsure what level of digital technology is right for you. We will gladly demonstrate the various levels of digital performance with no obligation. Just call 561-585-5499 for an appointment.