Diagnostic Testing and Procedures

AAA All Brands Hearing Aid Service — Hearing Tests
In order to obtain the best possible hearing improvement with digital instruments, the first step is to have a complete hearing evaluation at our office. A hearing evaluation at AAA All Brands Hearing Aid Center can incorporate a number of different techniques to give us a complete picture of the condition of your hearing.

We will show you the condition of your ear canal and eardrum on a large monitor to rule out wax as a problem or show any conditions within the external ear canal.

Tympanometry — Acoustic Reflex Testing
Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflex Testing are tests to help identify abnormalities in the auditory system. Your specialist will insert a device that will change the pressure within your ear. From this measurement, we can rule out some outer and middle ear problems such as a perforated eardrum or fluid behind the eardrum.

Pure Tone Audiometery
It can be very useful for diagnosing the cause of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), determining the pitch match to a patient's tinnitus, and determining if you would be a good candidate for tinnitus treatment.

Digital Audiometers
State of the art digital audiometers allow us to get true and accurate test results.

Speech Mapping
This state of the art digital reading measures the exact performance of your hearing instruments in your ears. It also measures the correction of sound. Especially revealing is the simulator that allows you to experience the exact hearing loss your mate or loved one is experiencing.

Hearing In Noise Test
This is a state of the art calibrated testing procedure that we feel is one of the most important testing procedures. This will measure the exact amount of speech understanding you are going to receive from your hearing instruments. We measure this with your instruments in your ears at different levels of sound or noise to see how well you will function with aided help versus unaided.

Demonstration of Digital Hearing Technology
After your hearing tests, our audioprosthologists will be able to let you hear the difference that digital hearing instruments will make for you right in our office. Call us today so we can show you what you might be missing!