Commonly Asked Questions

Why is it important to use proper hearing instrument batteries?
The use of premium batteries is essential to the performance of all hearing aids. Lower quality batteries often have a reduced thickness that can cause your hearing aids to work intermittently or not at all.

Where should you store your batteries?
Hearing instrument batteries are air-activated and should be stored in a fairly dry environment, for example, a dresser drawer or nightstand. Avoid storing batteries in humid or hot environments, such as bathrooms or the glove box of your car. Never store them in a refrigerator or freezer.

Should you repair or replace your old hearing instruments?
New hearing instruments will always out-perform older models due to advances in computer chips. Repairing your old instruments will restore their original function but never match the performance of technology available today. If you decide to purchase new instruments, I recommend that you have your old units repaired for use as back-ups in the event you lose or damage the new ones.

How effective are disposable hearing aids?
Disposable hearing aids are inferior products because they do not address the unique needs of your hearing impairment. They are produced with identical circuits, so everybody gets the same correction regardless of the degree of hearing loss. These aids are not custom made and are uncomfortable. They will often whistle, and often fall out of your ear with head or jaw movement. For these reasons, you should not purchase disposable hearing aids.