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Think speech intelligibility. Think comfort. Forget compromise. With ReSound Metrix™ They have cracked the code on how to help hearing instrument users hear better without making them constantly aware of the solution.

They call the result “high-performing, fully transparent hearing”. “High-performing” for the fastest, most effective hearing improvement technologies. And “fully transparent” to mean that we’ve designed each technology to work so subtly that all users will notice is how much better they can hear.

To do it, they have confronted and solved four key challenges within the areas of:

  • Speech clarity

  • Sound quality

  • Fitting accuracy

  • Open fitting.

ReSound Metrix™ provides unrivaled advantages when it comes to making sense of busy, noisy situations. Dual Stabilizer™ and Real-world Adaptive Directionality  represent the very latest developments in feedback cancellation and improved directionality.

While Softswitching™ makes ReSound Metrix™ the first instrument to automatically switch smoothly and subtly between functions, without making it obvious to the user.

ReSound Metrix’s Warp technology is designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality. Warp’s 17-band compression provides highly accurate resolution across the full range of frequencies.

Warp has also made it possible to design the most effective noise cancellation system ever invented: NoiseTracker ™

Working hand-in-hand with the new Aventa 2.0™ fitting software, ReSound Metrix™’s Onboard Analyzer™ uses the latest data-logging technology to provide a precise, complete picture of the user's listening environment.

As many as 35% of hearing instrument users cite occlusion as a source of dissatisfaction with their hearing instruments. Wwith ReSound Metrix™  the number should drop significantly!

ReSound Metrix™ supports a large variety of open-fitting solutions as standard. If the user’s hearing loss falls within the open-fitting range, the benefits of Dual Stablizer™ and Warp compressor™  technology mean they can enjoy feedback-free, truly non-occluding fittings – without having to sacrifice functionality.


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ReSound Pixel™ - A Thousand Shades Better

Ever wonder why part of the picture on your TV sometimes appears to freeze up and become pixilated? It’s because the system simply can’t handle the amount of high resolution information it receives. The same problem occurs with inefficient digital filters used by other hearing instruments, which are prone to losing, for example, important speech cues or becoming sloppy whenever the system gets overloaded.

A satisfying listening experience in all situations demands superior technologies in crucial areas such as speech intelligibility, noise reduction and feedback management. That’s why we’ve built an impressive line up of core features into ReSound Pixel™, every one of which leads its class in intelligent design and performance, ReSound Pixel delivers the best sound quality across all frequencies and environments, even at high gain settings, with all fittings.


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Supercharged Performance - Push it to the Limit

The new ReSound Pulse features technology never before seen in an Open-Fitted instrument for people with mild-to-moderate, high-frequency hearing loss.  Our flexible, software-based technologies have enabled a completely new DSP (Digital Feedback Processing) concept and feature set.  This new design is especially tuned for Open performance-delivering more useable gain and feedback-free amplification in crucial speech frequencies.

In the world of Open Fittings, true useable gain is the foundation of speech intelligibility.  That's high sound-quality, feedback-free amplification in crucial speech frequencies (2-6 KHz)-confirmed by real-ear measurement.

Thanks to the latest version of Stabilizer DFS (Digital Feedback Suppression), ReSound Pulse delivers more true useable gain before feedback may occur.  And that's under real-life conditions!  You still get this same gain in directionality mode, when noise reduction kicks in, and when the instrument is dealing with feedback management.

Now you can get the stability you're looking for without sacrificing speech intelligibility or compromise on occlusion and sound quality.

Engineered To Fit Your Life

Most people know what it's like to use a cell phone in windy conditions.  It becomes difficult to hear what's being said.  This same can even arise with most advanced digital hearing instruments.  So you'll be pleased to hear that ReSound Pulse offers effective protection from the wind, sheltering your hearing for improved comfort while continuing to amplify the voices you want to hear.

New Virtual WindShield technology digitally suppresses wind noise at the source, effectively reducing the disturbance caused by turbulent air flow over the instrument's microphone ports.  The advanced algorithm focuses on the lower frequencies, detecting wind noise by comparing low-frequency power to broadband power.

So, if you're into golfing, sailing, cycling or other activities in the great outdoors-or you prefer a quiet walk in the countryside-ReSound Pulse won't let excessive wind noise interfere with your outdoor activities.

Convenience Meets Simplicity

ReSound Pulse is the only digital hearing instrument to offer SuperTune-an intelligent recharging system that keeps your batteries fresh and your hearing instrument ready to go.  This world-first innovation matches the demands and expectations of modern lifestyles.  The SuperTune charger brings you plug 'n' play performance anytime, anywhere.  And it will increase the likelihood of acceptance when people experience just how easy using ReSound Pulse can be.

Smart Features-Super Easy

Just insert your instruments into SuperTune's Charging bays, leave them overnight and you'll be ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.  You can also choose to have extra batteries charged in the spare charging compartment.  If you forget to recharge, ReSound Pulse can also be used with standard Zinc-Air batteries.

 So, as the day wears on, you can be sure that the powerful performance of your ReSound Pulse instrument will be with you all the way.

Intelligent Charger

Naturally, since it is GN ReSound technology, SuperTune does much more than just recharge batteries.  For example, it can be powered via the USB port on any personal computer.  And it has a series of indicators that keep you informed of the instrument's status.  For added flexibility, there's even an charging compartment in the unit where batteries can be kept fully charged.

So, if you're looking for the latest attractive, high-performing instrument with the added convenience of a rechargeable battery, ReSound Pulse is the obvious choise.

Battery Technology

ReSound Pulse uses nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries.  But it's also compatible with non-rechargeable battery types.  ReSound Pulse can come with a 10A or 312 battery.  It's been designed to accommodate user preferences for either greater discretion or longer useable battery life (the 312 battery version delivers more than 20 hours of consistent high-quality performance).  For extra convenience and safety, SuperTune intelligently detects whether a battery is the right type before charging begins.


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Six overlapping bands of Warp™ technology ensure that ReSound Plus5 accurately identifies and reacts to different types of signals.

The ReSound Plus5 Noise Reduction actively distinguishes between annoying background noise and desirable sounds such as speech. This increases client satisfaction and comfort and reduces frustration in all listening environments.


Open solutions for occlusion free results. With ReSound Plus5 we are proud to introduce a broad range of open fittings specifically designed to help you reduce this common source of user frustration.

With the new thin Flex-Tube™ solution, a ReSound Plus5 BTE offers the most cosmetic, open fitting available. In addition, StepVents in ITE’s, along with the open fitting algorithms provide open solutions for custom products.


ReSound Plus5 is armed with Stabilizer™ DFS. This provides an additional 10 dB of headroom to make the technology available to more of your clients.

It samples the input signal for presence of feedback and eliminates the problem before it occurs. Stabilizer DFS tackles feedback without reducing gain.


DataLogging constantly monitors your clients’ listening situations and wearing patterns.

It stores the information and brings you valuable insights for more efficient troubleshooting.

QuickView™ presents basic data on instrument usage, allowing you to recommend the best instrument settings based on real usage patterns and demands.


  • Dual Microphone directional technology available in all form factors.

  • Proven to improve speech understanding in noise.

  • Thin Flex-Tubes – ReSound Plus5 can be fitted fully open and utilises the cosmetically appealing thin tube option, Tulip-Dome™ and FlexVent™.

  • Noise Reduction combined with Low-level Expansion is designed to distinguish speech from noise.

  • Reduces microphone noise in quiet environment.

  • Available in all models from Power BTE to CIC.

  • Mini BTE with interchangable hook and Thin Tube solution.

  • Including both single and dual microphone configuration.

  • Two environmental programmes.

  • Programmable Telecoil – Standard on most products.

  • Volume Controls – Optional on all ReSound Plus5 products.

  • DAI – Automatic Direct Audio Input is available on all BTE models for clients with moderate to severe hearing loss who want to connect their instrument with FM systems and/or mobile phones.

  • DataLogging with QuickView.

  • Full programming capability in all programmes.

  • User-friendly Aventa™ fitting software.

  • Single or dual microphones – optional on all ReSound Plus5 products.

  • All mini BTE can be customized with Thin Tube for the most attractive cosmetic solution or with 3 different hook sizes.


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